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Diamond and Justin

August 10, 2019


Welcome to our Wedding Site
Heyyy family and friends!

First and foremost, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to view our wedding site and staying connected with us until the big day. We've had a long journey and we're elated to celebrate this joyous occassion with you!

Next year you will witness the union between two beautiful souls that grew together from the best and worst of times. By now, you should know that we do things far from the traditional. God brought us together due to our like mindedness and appreciation for what the world has to offer. We love to venture out and explore new territories. Prepare yourselves for a day of "firsts". We are going to live it up in Punta Cana with style and bounties of love. We invite you to help make this day full of positive vibes and fun times!

Welcome to the tropical wedding of Diamond and Justin!